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Welcome to Events by Musicshop

Welcome to Events by Musicshop

So, you’re in the midst of planning an event.

The search for an “event planner” likely led you to a list so long, it’s overwhelming. Even the task of finding someone to take the reins of planning is daunting and time-consuming.

But let’s cut to the chase… You’ve discovered us. And our approach? It’s refreshingly different.

We’re in the business of event planning, fully aware that while the world has evolved, our sector seems to lag behind.

The norm has become all too familiar: every hotel, conference center, and event planner offers variations on a theme.

Events have been relegated to mere items on a corporate checklist, deemed successful by the mere fact that they took place.

The formula for corporate events has become predictable: food + drinks + music + decor = event.

However, we see the untapped potential in events opportunities to craft immersive worlds that offer transformative experiences.

Our Events Services

Imagine the thrill of a skydiver poised at the edge of an airplane, ready to leap. This moment away from the ordinary, the daily routines offers an unparalleled sense of elevation. In that instant, the skydiver is absorbed entirely in the moment, focused solely on the experience ahead.

Such moments of undivided attention are scarce in our everyday lives, bombarded as we are by endless messages: billboards, social media pop-ups, bus stop posters, radio ads, emails, and more, all competing for our attention.

Yet, events can mimic the skydiver’s experience by providing a unique space where distractions are set aside, allowing your target audience to focus solely on your message, undistracted, even if just for one night.

This is where corporate events emerge as a potent marketing tool, offering a platform to clearly and effectively convey your brand, objectives, and messages. Our team in Singapore specializes in designing these significant moments, creating experiences that forge lasting connections with your audience.

We provide comprehensive corporate event and conference management services, ensuring your event stands out and delivers its intended impact.


Event Planning and Management

Seize the chance to create a lasting memory for your guests.

The secret to memorable events isn’t found in the routine serving of chicken and fish in a ballroom, the hiring of a band, or the placement of centerpieces on cloth-covered round tables. These are the familiar elements of events that guests have experienced countless times, leading to disengagement even before they step into the venue.

This is where Events by Musicshop steps in.

Boasting good experience in events space, we offer a fresh perspective on event planning that diverges from the conventional corporate gala script. Our approach combines strategic thinking and creative direction to captivate your audience, delivering an innovative and unique event that will be remembered as a landmark moment by your guests.

Our highly dynamic team of quick-witted thinkers has attracted grateful clients, leading to unforgettable event experiences.

Our services, now available in Singapore, encompass event planning, management, and styling, ensuring your event stands out. If you’re in search of the premier event management company for your next event, look no further than Events by Musicshop. Contact us to bring unparalleled creativity and expertise to your event planning needs.

Events Coordination

Juggling the myriad tasks of event planning alongside your daily responsibilities can be overwhelming. By entrusting us with the heavy lifting, you free yourself to focus on what matters most, as we translate your vision into reality with our comprehensive full-day service.

From initial preparation meetings and securing the perfect suppliers, to meticulously scheduling the day’s events, coordinating and setting up the ceremony and reception, arranging table plans, decorations, flowers, and lighting, and ensuring the smooth flow of events from the ceremony through to speeches and cake cutting, our team is dedicated to providing full assistance to both you and your guests, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

events coordination services
events props and equiment hire

Events Equipment and Props Rental

Events by Musicshop offers an extensive collection of unique props and accessories to perfectly complement any event theme you envision, from sleek and contemporary designs to kid-friendly setups and rustic-inspired decor.

Our diverse inventory includes many bespoke items that are lovingly handcrafted by our talented event planners based in Singapore, ensuring your occasion is adorned with unique and personal touches. Moreover, if you possess your own decorations, furniture, or accessories, our expert team is adept at seamlessly integrating these pieces into your event’s layout, guaranteeing they are showcased in the most ideal and striking manner possible.

Popular Rental Services:

Events Gallery Showcase

Whether you’re gearing up for an private party, a professional seminar, award show, or a VIP night, each event demands meticulous planning and a keen eye for detail. From the excitement of launching a new product, celebrating a wedding, organizing school events, marking another year with a birthday, to curating themed events or ringing in the holiday season with an end-of-year celebration, the scope of special occasions we can assist with is vast. Our expertise extends beyond these to encompass a wide array of events, ensuring your vision is brought to life with precision and flair, no matter the occasion.

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